Learn about SystemD at BLU Wed Mar 16, 2016 (tonight)

I will be conducting an overview of SystemD at the Boston Linux and UNIX user group tonight in Boston. http://blu.org
It's free, come on out...

Converting LVM from striped to raid1 in RHEL 6,5

Initially, a bunch a logical volumes were configured based on numerous parameters: was the data important, was there enough physical storage, etc... So over the years, the volumes are a of different configurations: linear, striped, mirror and raid1. The host system is running RHEL 6.5 and today I set out to convert everything to 'raid1'.

Link to short write up on Creating a GPT LVM partition with parted

It's that time again. Disk was failing and needed replacement. Best value for the $$$ was a 3TB drive which fdisk could no longer manager. So I found the following little write up on configuring a disk with parted and setting up a partition for use with lvm.


Enabling users to adjust cpu-scaling without root privs

Quick note on how to enable users on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 to adjust cpu scaling without requiring root password.

Although I'm not sure if I got complete background correct, the version of Gnome in RHEL 6 is using polkit to manage priviledge escallations. Thus, a simple config file takes care of this problem.

Getting ready for systemd

There is a significant change on the horizon for RHEL 7. If you are not familiar with systemd (the replacement for sysinit & upstart), here is a great walk through for the uninitiated.


Sony VAIO Touch PAD with RHEL 6

I've been having problems with loading RHEL 6 on to a couple of Sony Viao Laptops (model: VPCEB3CFX). For one, the onboard nic chipset is not detected (Marvell Tech Yukon Optima 88E8059 1Gbit). Since these laptops will only be used with Wifi (Intel Centrino Wireless-N), the onboard is not a major concern. The touchpad however... That needs to function!

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